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The Journey of Sage and Plow – Nurturing Values of Food, Family, and Community

Sage and Plow is a family-owned business, comprising David and Chirine Wadsworth, their children, and now their grandchildren.

In their early marriage David and Chirine dreamed of raising their children on a farm and teaching them farm-life values. As is often the case, the dream didn’t turn out exactly as they’d hoped – it’s turned out even better.

While David worked a job in “Corporate America,” Chirine worked at home, homeschooling children and teaching the farm-life values to a growing family.

One thing led to another. Little opportunities surfaced here and there; and before too long Chirine and her children were sorting group orders for herbs and nuts in the living room.

Demand soon outgrew the living-room worksite; the family gutted and repurposed the garage, and herbs and nuts expanded to include grains, beans, honey, powdered milk and much more. A little company was born – Alpine Food Storage.

What started as a few transactions among close neighbors soon spread throughout the state and beyond. Before long, people from across the country were visiting the garage and stocking up on food storage and great bargains.

The children quickly learned to work hard, to work together, to interface with customers, and to make the customer the priority. Now the children of the children follow their parents’ examples, and the family operation continues to expand.

As the business grows, the family grows, the vision also grows. Alpine Food Storage is now Sage and Plw, and we are thrilled and bless by this new spurt of growth.

Sage and Plow is the next realization of our family-farm dreams – of learn to work together, of growing things, of learning new skills, and of helping people.

We believe that food is integral to life – not merely as in breathing and being alive, but also in bringing people together and making every other good part of life possible.

Food, Family, Friends, Farm, Faith, and Freedom – These are what we try to promote. We look forward to serving you and welcoming you all to Sage and Plow now is and will become.

Our Team

Cassidy is our Education Specialist. At Sage and Plow, we believe education is key to self-reliance. Cassidy organizes classes and brings in specialists who can teach skills that build the confidence necessary to take care of ourselves, our families, and others.

Rebekah is our Product Specialist, always on the lookout for fun new items while keeping the current product in stock. Here at Sage and Plow, we take special care to make sure we’re not bringing anything into our store that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Rebekah helps us maintain that integrity.

Patrick lives in Cedar City with his family, and they are looking forward to helping us expand our business to Southern Utah. Their daughter, Anna, spends a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa and helps us take care of produce, keep things clean, and serve our customers. She represents well the up-and-coming third generation of our Sage and Plow family.

Ladd and Mariah: Ladd is a landscaper by trade and will make his skills available as part of our expansion plan. His current position is Facilities Manager. Big facility = big job! Mariah helps with product displays and our front desk and is currently in charge of the Customer Experience.

Joseph is our Inventory Manager. He has taken on a great amount of responsibility as our product line expands to fit this new facility’s capacity. He has applied his talents to building most of our shelving and has laid out the plan for where all the product is to land on our floor. He is an indispensable part of our Sage and Plow Team.

Nicholas and his family live in St. George, where Nicholas is pursuing a DO degree. We are hoping to learn much from him that will serve us well in our Holistic Clinic.

Brigham is pursuing a career in construction management. He is often around after hours to lend a helping hand in the day-to-day tasks of running a family business.

Seth is still pursuing his education at BYU while working for us part-time. He is an avid and gifted photographer who makes our product look good on social media and on the website. Every wall in our building has seen the end of Seth’s paint roller as he helped us prepare for the big move. Seth is also in charge of Marketing and is our in-house Spanish speaker. He is a man of many talents.

Thomas is also pursuing his education while doing a lot to help us out in this new endeavor. As our Logistics Manager, he will help us get product to groups all around the United States as we expand our reach to meet the needs of people across the country.

Jed is currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Managua, Nicaragua. His hard work here over the years has surely prepared him well for this chapter of his life.

Daniel is one of our Runners, without which those big 50-pound bags would not make their way out to your car. He is eagerly training to run our Point of Sale System, as well.

Sylvia and Julia also run for customers and are the best babysitters when the grandchildren come to work. We’re so grateful to know that the future of this business is in the capable hands of them and their siblings.