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Layered Fiesta Bean Dip
Banana Slush: A Summer Treat
Artisan Sourdough Bread: A Perfect Beginner Recipe

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Why Sage and Plow?

Many of you have asked, "Why did you change the name of your business?" We felt that because we are no longer ONLY about Food Storage and that we are no longer located in "Alpine" that it would be a fitting time to change the name of our business from Alpine Food Storage to something [...]

Our 6 F’s–Food, Family, Friendship, Farms, Freedom and Faith

Where there is good food, friends and family gather! Where good people gather, faith & freedom are born. We hearken back to those days when America's farms not only produced the best food, but were a gathering place for good people. As we promote these values of Food, Family, Farm, Faith & Freedom at SAGE [...]

Cultivate the Spirit of Food

It goes something like this: If there’s food, people gather! If there isn’t, they don’t! When Mom spends time in the kitchen preparing a meal, children gather around her, they feel her love! Later the family gathers to eat at the kitchen table and good things happen there! When you get your hands in the […]