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Sage and Plow: A Journey of Wisdom, Community, and Self-Reliance

Sage and Plow is a family owned business, compromised, now, of three generations. The business, the vision, and the family, continue to grow. Sage and Plow is the next phase of growth of a business long known as Alpine Food Storage. Alpine Food Storage was established by Chirine Wadsworth, a home-schooling Mom, in 2001 as a group buying opportunity for friends, neighbors, and other like-minded folks.

While Chirine didn’t intentionally set-out with the idea of creating a business, she soon found the group was growing and expanding in every direction. She enjoyed the interaction with her new friends; and she saw an opportunity for her children to learn work skills, communication skills, math skills, and language skills, health and wellness skills, and more, all things they were reading about in their textbooks; but she saw these concepts being taught and tested in practical, hands-on way that she hadn’t imagined, previously through this venture. While they read and studied the lessons in their text books, Alpine Food Storage provided real-time application of the studied concepts.

For twenty years Alpine Food Storage was identified with Chirine and her children. People from all parts of the nation, and even beyond the nation’s borders, have engaged with Chirine to establish their own food storage, or to learn to bake sour dough bread, or learn the benefits of this herbs or that oil, or simply to talk about raising children, or taking care of elderly parents. The spectrum is broad, too broad for what was Alpine Food Storage.

Sage and Plow takes everything that was part of Alpine Food Storage and expands upon it to include everything that can help us become more self-reliant, more independent, healthier and more productive citizens and neighbors, with greater skills and more opportunities both to learn and to share.

Chirine is still engaging daily with friends and customers, albeit in a much larger facility, she’s joined by her husband David, and, of course, their competent and skilled children, and now a growing number of eager granchildren.

We still do group buys, but on a much larger scale. We still learn from others, and try to share what we have learned.

We want Sage and Plow to be a place of engagement, a place of sharing, and as the name implies, a place of wisdom, hope, and application. We look forward to learning from you and sharing with you.