Why Sage and Plow?

Many of you have asked, "Why did you change the name of your business?"

We felt that because we are no longer ONLY about Food Storage and that we are no longer located in "Alpine" that it would be a fitting time to change the name of our business from Alpine Food Storage to something that encompasses more of what we're trying to accomplish with this move.
Here's what Sage and Plow means to US!
The meaning of the word 'SAGE':
We were counseled by a dear friend and mentor to find a name that had special meaning to us.
The 'SAGE' part of the name is intended to have dual meaning.
We love the imagery of 'SAGE', as representing living, growing things, but it also connotes WISDOM.
Many of you know that EDUCATION is really important to us. We find it crucial to what we are doing.
Our new facility has a wonderful classroom where not only we, but others can come and share wisdom and knowledge.
The meaning behind the word 'PLOW':
The Plow hearkens back to the farm,
to simpler days and important values.
To times when families worked together,
played together and ate together.
We chose the imagery of a PLOW to symbolize HOPE and EFFORT.
When you put a plow into the soil, you are hoping for a harvest.
If you put in good effort, you will glean the fruits of your labors.
We have never liked the doom and gloom that often accompanies the topics of
Self Reliance or Preparedness.
We believe that Self Reliance should be a

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