What is the shelf life of the products here and on my shelves at home?

Here are a few rules of thumb:

Whole grains store really well - almost indefinitely - when stored in decent storage conditions.

Beans don't store as long; however, old beans soften right up when cooked in a pressure cooker.

Pasta also stores for many years - at worst, it may taste a bit stale when you cook it.

Oils as a rule don't store very well; however, olive oil in tins and coconut oil have been found to store much longer - 15 plus years.

Sugar and Salt are natural preservatives, so they last indefinitely, and products with high salt or sugar content also store quite well.

Water stores just fine for a long time in a good water barrel, if you're storing city water that has been treated with bleach.

Brown Rice is great to store if you want the good nutritional benefits! If it does go rancid, rinse it in hot water and the rancidity is GONE!

Freeze-Dried foods store a very long time - great shelf life, especially for fruits!

Nuts. andSeeds store best in the freezer - they will stay fresh for years that way!

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