Corn Seed, Super Sweet 1 lb


  • Non-GMO
  • Untreated with fungicides
  • 86% germination
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Sweetie 82

You’ll love having this hardy and delicious sweet corn in your garden, and on your table. 

Sweetie 82 is not considered an “Early” variety.  This is a full-bodied, large ear, corn that is delicious.  The stalks grow to approximately 7 feet.

Sweetie 82 is our favorite garden corn. In nearly 40 years of gardening, we’ve never found its equal.

Sweetie 82 prefers isolation. If you have multiple varieties of corn in your garden, it’s always best to keep varieties separated to avoid cross pollination.

If you have seed leftover, put it in the freezer. You’ll be able to plant it again next year too, and even the year after that, perhaps not to the 86% germination standard; but, with care, you can still get a rich harvest of beautiful corn.


Corn Planting Hints

Here are some general rules for planting and enjoying corn from your garden:

  • In these mountain valleys where a late Spring frost or an early Autumn frost is possible, plant corn in the window between Mother’s Day and July 4.  
  • Plant corn about 2 inches deep and about 6 inches apart in loose, prepared soil.
  • Water as needed. Corn doesn’t want to sit in water; but it likes moist soil; and it likes full sunshine. If you see the leaf-blades begin to wrinkle or stiffen, it’s thirsty. Give it a drink.
  • In America’s midwest where conditions are ideal, corn grows about 3 inches per day.


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