Cultivate the Spirit of Food

It goes something like this:

If there's food, people gather!

If there isn't, they don't!

When Mom spends time in the kitchen preparing a meal, children gather around her, they feel her love!

Later the family gathers to eat at the kitchen table and good things happen there!

When you get your hands in the dirt, planting a garden, weeding and harvesting your crop, there's a 'Spirit' to that that is powerful!

When a lonely student gets a package of food from a caring mother, there's a 'Spirit' to that.

Who ever heard of a wedding without food?

Our holidays all focus around food traditions!

Is it starting to come together for you?

The Spirit of Food is the nurturing and love that we receive and give when we prepare, serve, and eat food together.

It's a powerful force for good, for healing, for understanding,

for safety and security in a crazy world.

This is why at Sage and Plow we invite YOU to join US as we strive to

Cultivate the Spirit of Food

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